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Sidney Powell - Defending the Republic

‘It’s ALL A LIE’: Trump Jr. calls out ‘DISGUSTING’ FBI raid

Far-left tactics being used against his father — including the FBI raid of the former president’s Mar-a-Lago home — is all part of an ‘intimidation package,’ says Donald Trump Jr. He tells Glenn why recent Biden Administration claims about that FBI raid are ‘lies,’ and he calls out the shocking

NO, the midterms WON’T BE EASY for Republicans. Here’s why.

It may be easy to look at the economy and President Biden’s AWFUL approval ratings and therefore assume the midterm elections will be a piece of cake for Republicans. But that’s actually NOT the case. In fact, because of how the 2022 midterms are broken down structurally, winning a Senate

WARNING: The far-left will put CHRISTIANS ‘on trial’ SOON

The far-left is coming for Christians, Glenn says. In fact, they’re targeting ANYONE who disagrees with their dangerous ideology, but Glenn believes Christians will be put ‘on trial’ next. But that ‘trial’ will only be a kangaroo court, Glenn says, with the far-left calling only the witnesses who agree with

How progressive ‘puritans’ are DESTROYING FUN for us all

Noah Rothman, author of ‘The Rise Of The New Puritans,’ details just how ‘miserable’ the lives are of today’s progressives. And the worst part? They don’t even REALIZE IT! But these progressive ‘puritans’ are ‘pursuing a moral framework and have imposed it on EVERY ASPECT of life,’ Rothman explains, just

The Godly Answer to Division in America and the World | Praying for America

Join Father Frank tonight as he discusses the division in America and the world, and the biblical answers to the spiritual battles that we face. #ProLife #Elections #Elections2022 #Christian #Catholic Praying for America for August 17th, 2022 @RSBNetwork –>> Click the link above for the full content of this post

Judges OK's Lawsuit to Curb Migration with Environmental Rules

Immigration reformers have won the first round of a lawsuit that could force the government to protect Americans’ natural environment by curbing legal and illegal migration.  –>> Click the link above for the full content of this post