Red Pope Francis Joins Democrats In Calling for More Gun Control

After Tuesday’s tragedy in Texas where 19 students and two teachers were killed, the immediate response from Democrat leaders is to criticize guns. Pope Francis also weighed in. Senile Joe Biden gave a speech from the White House where he read from a script calling out gun rights.  Tucker Carlson

BREAKING: Jack Dorsey Is Leaving Twitter’s Board Immediately

According to reports on Wednesday, Jack Dorsey, the former CEO and Co-Founder of Twitter, is stepping down from the social media giant’s Board effective immediately.  The move by Dorsey was shared last fall when he stepped down as the company’s CEO. But, amid pressure recently, by supporting Elon Musk in his bid

What we know about the spread of MONKEYPOX so far

If you’ve read recent articles published about monkeypox, you’re probably scared out of your mind. But despite what the fear-mongering press claims, monkeypox is still FAR from rampant throughout the U.S. In fact, currently there are only 92 cases (and 28 more suspected) outside of Africa. But the origin of

The ‘TERRIFYING’ way food shortages could end in WORLD WAR

Chaos continues to spread throughout the world, and America’s weakened economy seems less and less equipped everyday to handle it. And situations may worsen soon. Carol Roth, financial expert and author of ‘The War On Small Business,’ joins Glenn to discuss the ripple effects China’s recent COVID lockdowns AND Russia’s

6 ways the left created a national emergency INTENTIONALLY

This is all part of their plan, Glenn says. The far-left WANTS America to experience a national emergency so they can enact more control over YOUR life…just like they did during our last national crisis two years ago. From gas prices, our energy crisis, food shortages, our open border, and

Reporter: I was FRISKED by the World Economic Forum’s police

Business and government leaders have convened in Davos, Switzerland this week for the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting. Jack Posobiec, contributor for Turning Point USA, tells Glenn about a scary encounter while reporting on the event. Jack claims he and his crew were questioned, frisked, and possibly followed by the

Uvalde, Texas tragedy: Recognizing the ROT in America’s soul

What happened on Tuesday in Uvalde, Texas was an incomprehensible tragedy. But that tragedy — along with many others plaguing our nation — was a symptom of America’s overall problem: a rotting in our soul. And until we live in a nation, Glenn says, that is willing to even recognize