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Pelosi and Democrats Cheer After They Pass Massive ‘Bidenflation’ Bill – Will Raise Taxes on Middle Class During Recession – Create 87,000 IRS Jobs to Harass American Families (VIDEO)

The House of Representatives on Friday passed the $740 billion Bidenflation scam bill which will raise taxes on the middle class and make inflation worse. The Senate passed the ‘Inflation Reduction Act’ through budget reconciliation last week and Pelosi brought it to the House floor on Friday. The House voted

EXPOSED: The far-left plan to CREATE conservative ‘RADICALS’

Donald Trump is the first former president to ever be under THIS much scrutiny AFTER leaving office. So, why does the far-left hate him so much? Why do they continue to use every tool — like an FBI raid — at their disposal to destroy the former Commander-in-Chief? In this

Overcoming Political and Spiritual Opposition | Praying for America

Join Father Frank tonight as he answers your comments and delves into draining the swamp, winning against spiritual and political opposition, and the recent primary results. @RSBNetwork #ProLife #MAGA #Elections #Elections2022 #Trump #FBI Praying for America for August 12th, 2022 –>> Click the link above for the full content of

What YOU Can Do To Help President Trump | Praying for America

Join Father Frank live tonight as he takes your questions and discusses what Americans can do to help President Trump @RSBNetwork #MAGA #ProLife #Elections #Elections2022 #Elections2024 Praying for America for August 11th, 2022 –>> Click the link above for the full content of this post