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The third foreign indicator of Republican midterm win already happened.

Remember when I mentioned how England and Italy both have moved towards populism?  It’s part of a backlash against woke progressive social justice elitist crappy governance.  It’s about time, in every single case.  Speaking of which, I forgot to mention that it also happened in Sweden back in September: Sweden’s Sept.

Sunday verse

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The U.S. dollar might CRASH. Here’s how YOU can prepare.

The U.S. economy is in trouble, and Americans are feeling it. But thanks to central banks around the world, it’s not just the U.S. dollar facing a potential collapse. In this clip, Glenn explains how the world’s central banks are ‘DESTROYING EVERYTHING.’ He explains how — even though it may

‘WAKE UP’: This HUGE FBI robbery proves America is in DANGER

In 2021, the largest robbery in U.S. history occurred. It included a massive vault, the theft of 86 MILLION dollars in cash and assets, and several armed participants. You’ve probably never heard this story — at least, the way Glenn tells it — which is exactly what the FBI wants.

Nord Stream attack shows Putin’s war is JUST BEGINNING

Who sabotaged the Nord Stream pipeline? And what does this mean for the world moving forward? Representative Chris Stewart joins Glenn to dissect it all. He explains why signs suggest Russia may have been responsible for the pipeline attack, and why this event shows Putin’s war is just beginning: ‘And