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How Obama began America’s DARK transformation | PART 1

In May of 2008, Michelle Obama made a now infamous statement while campaigning in Puerto Rico for her husband, Barack. Her words, Glenn says, caused Michelle to be pulled from the campaign trail. Why? Perhaps because her statement exposed the Obama’s exact goal: To force the American people to make

Connecting Obama’s DREAM to today’s CHANGED America | PART 2

In part 2 of Glenn’s expose, he continues to revisit Michelle Obama’s 2008 campaign speech that EXPOSED her and Barack’s ultimate goal: to force ‘sacrifices’ onto the American people that would fundamentally change the United States. In this clip, Glenn ties it all together, showing how the Obama’s original DREAM

Artificial Intelligence awakens or woke computer programming?

I came across this story a while ago about the Google engineer who claims that an artificial intelligence (A.I.) bot has developed consciousness.  Duly skeptical I disregarded the story as sensationalism and/or maybe someone wanting their 15 minutes of fame.  It didn’t really belong on this blog as it’s a


 Let’s Go Brandon Hunter… The real question is how did this not get covered up?  You think maybe the establishment has had it with Let’s Go Brandon? –>> Click the link above for the full content of this post

Inflation keeps coming

I keep talking about inflation, but only because it matters and it is slated to keep getting worse.  You want evidence?  You should want evidence.  Well here’s some.  The most common measure of inflation is the Consumer Price Index (CPI).  The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) which produces the CPI


The White House is taking another step in its efforts to control EVERYTHING your kids learn in school. The Biden Administration recently announced plans to change Title IX interpretations, which puts every public school — and the kids attending them — in jeopardy. Because if schools do not comply with

Glenn’s message to his son’s birth mom: THANK YOU

‘I truly thank God for living in these times,’ Glenn says. ‘Look at the miracles that are happening,’ he adds, just moments after the Supreme Court ruled to overturn Roe v. Wade. No matter how much America changes, it’s still the greatest place on earth…and the Supreme Court victories we’ve