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Sidney Powell - Defending the Republic

Dick Cheney Thrilled To No Longer Be Least Likable Cheney

WASHINGTON D.C. — After years of being a social and political pariah, former Vice President Dick Cheney is overjoyed to no longer be the least likable Cheney in America. –>> Click the link above for the full content of this post

Disaster After Impractical Jokers Get A Hold Of Biden's Cheat Sheet

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The famed Impractical Jokers comedy quartet managed to get access to President Biden’s cheat sheet today, quickly plunging the nation into chaos. –>> Click the link above for the full content of this post

Errant Delivery Driver Takes The NHL’s Stanley Cup To The Wrong House

A delivery driver’s mistake resulted in the National Hockey League’s championship trophy — the Stanley Cup — being delivered to the wrong house on Monday. The cup traditionally spends a day with each player on the championship team and was supposed to be en route to the home of Colorado

‘Feeling Very Unsafe’: Jon Voight Says Biden ‘Must Be Impeached’

Screen legend Jon Voight posted a video stating how everyone’s “feeling very unsafe” these days under President Joe Biden and said that the president “must be impeached” to save the country. In the clip the 83-year-old actor recently shared on Twitter, the “Midnight Cowboy” star referenced the “turmoil” and “darkness”