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Viewer Question: What Nickname Should We Call Ben Shapiro Fans?

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Writing the Constitution: Miracle in Philadelphia

Spring 1787. The American revolution had been won, but no one seemed to know how to govern the new nation. There was no chief executive, no agreement on taxes, or even how they should be collected. The country was teetering on the edge of anarchy. Something clearly had to be

Is Israel An Apartheid State?

Does Israel discriminate against Arabs? Is it today’s version of apartheid South Africa? Olga Meshoe, herself a South African whose family experienced apartheid, settles the question once and for all. #israel #history #apartheid #palestinian 🚨 PragerU is experiencing severe censorship on Big Tech platforms. Go to to watch our

Pfizer CEO & Big-Pharma Racketeer Albert Bourla LIED about “100% Vaccine Efficacy” Claim

Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla Tests Positive for COVID-19By: Zachary Stieber

August 15, 2022: Pfizer’s CEO has tested positive for COVID-19, he announced on Aug. 15.
“I would like to let you know that I have tested positive for #COVID19,” CEO Albert Bourla wrote on Twitter.
Bourla 60, says he has received four doses of his company’s COVID-19 vaccine, which has proven increasingly ineffective against infection from the virus that causes COVID-19 and severe illness once a person contracts the virus.Bourla reported experiencing mild symptoms. He did not identify any of the symptoms. He said he’s “feeling well.”
“We have come so far in our efforts to battle this disease that I am confident I will have a speedy recovery. I am incredibly grateful for the tireless efforts of my Pfizer colleagues who worked to make vaccines and treatments available for me and people around the world,” Bourla said.
The CEO is isolating and has begun taking a course of Paxlovid, Pfizer’s COVID-19 pill.
U.S. drug regulators granted emergency authorization for Paxlovid in December 2021 for people aged 12 and older who test positive for COVID-19 and are deemed high-risk for progression to a severe case.
Regulators have since curbed or revoked similar clearances for many other drugs, such as Regeneron’s monoclonal antibodies, citing data that indicate the treatments aren’t as effective, or aren’t effective at all, against newer virus variants.
Paxlovid has become the most-distributed COVID-19 treatment in the nation, and was administered to President Joe Biden after the president recently tested positive for COVID-19.
Biden, who has also received four doses of Pfizer’s shot, experienced a rebound of symptoms after testing negative, which is common for Paxlovid recipients.
Previously Promoted 100 Percent Efficacy
Bourla is among the officials who have previously promoted the COVID-19 vaccines as being 100 percent effective against infection.

In April 2021, for instance, he shared the results from a study that was said to show Pfizer’s vaccine was 100 percent effective in preventing COVID-19 cases in South Africa.
All COVID-19 vaccines, though, have been shown to be less effective against both infection and severe illness as newer virus variants have emerged.
Against Omicron, which became dominant in the United States and many other countries in late 2021, the vaccines provide little shielding against infection, and decreased protection against severe cases.Emerging data indicate that Omicron subvariants are even better at evading vaccine-based protection.
Pfizer and Moderna are among the companies working on Omicron-specific booster shots. Those could be rolled out in the United States as soon as September.Source: The Epoch Times (Premium) & Extremely AmericanFollow Colin Wright on GETTR

You SHOULD Be Concerned About This

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White House Lapdog & Liar (Jean-Pierre) Disputes 'Political Motivation' behind Mar-a-Lago Raid

White House Press Secretary Disputes Allegation Mar-a-Lago Raid Was PoliticalBy: Hannah Ng

August 15, 2022: White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre has disputed the rhetoric put out by Republicans that the FBI raid at former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence was politically motivated.
In comments aimed at Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-N.Y.), who called the search “a complete abuse and overreach of its authority,” Jean-Pierre told ABC News’ “This Week” co-host Jonathan Karl on Aug. 14, “This is not about politicizing anything.”
“The Department of Justice, when it comes to law enforcement, is independent. This is what we believe, and this is what the president has said,” she added.Jean-Pierre also stressed that the head of the DOJ, Attorney General Merrick Garland, was confirmed by the Senate in a bipartisan manner.
“Merrick Garland would not be the president’s lawyer. He would not be the vice president’s lawyer. This is about the American people and doing what is right for the American people,” she said.
“And I would remind our folks on the other side that the FBI director was appointed by the president’s predecessor,” Jean-Pierre noted.
When asked by Karl if Joe Biden was concerned about national security in relation to Trump’s handling of official records, Jean-Pierre refused to comment.
“I cannot comment on this. It is an investigation that is currently happening… It would be inappropriate for me as a press secretary to comment on this,” she said.
“It would be inappropriate for any of us, including the president or anyone in the administration to comment on this. This is a law enforcement matter. And the Department of Justice is going to move forward as they see fit,” she added.
The White House spokesperson further emphasized the claim that Biden was not briefed in advance on the move executed by the FBI on Aug. 8.
“We have learned about all of this the same way the American people have learned about this; through public reports, through New York reporting, and every other reporter who has talked about this. That’s how we have learned about what has happened,” she said.
Refuted Claim

Jean-Pierre made a similar comment on Aug. 9, when she insisted that neither Biden nor anyone at the White House was aware of the raid before it was made public.
“No one at the White House was given a heads up,” she said at a White House press conference.
Her claim was refuted by Trump a few days later.
“The ‘White House’ just announced that it had NO KNOWLEDGE of the early morning RAID on Mar-a-Lago, or the break in of Melania’s closets, my safe’s, or the secured and locked storage area where unclassified documents were safely held, and which the FBI knew of, was shown, and made recommendations that another lock be added (which they cracked, but not with the safecracker that they brought with them!),” Trump said in a statement on his Truth Social platform on Aug. 13.
“Does ANYBODY really believe that the White House didn’t know about this?” Trump continued. “WITCH HUNT!”Source: The Epoch TimesFollow Colin Wright on GETTR